Heating installation may seem complicated, but Stack’s experts have gone through it many times. We’ve worked with all types of heating units from different brands and vendors and our experienced, knowledgeable team knows how to make your heaters serve you well for a long time.

We decided to compile all the common questions we encounter about heating installation and maintenance. You may find the answer you’re looking for here.

When Should I Get A New Heating System?

You should consider a new heating system if the cost of repairing your current heater is already more than half the price of a new one. 

We make this recommendation because a heater that requires serious repairs has likely already been working inefficiently for a long time, which means you might be spending more on utility bills than you need to be. Investing in a new system could save you money in the long run.

What Is The Heating Installation Process Like?

First, we analyze the location where we will install the heater. Then if you have a duct system, we check the path where the ducts go around your house and determine if any repairs are needed before we proceed with the installation. We will also test the ducts and any components of your current system that are staying in place to ensure everything is in working order. 

After we have completed our inspections, analysis, and any necessary repairs, we’ll remove your old furnace or heater and begin the heating installation.

What Are The Signs That My Heating System Is Failing?

Your heating system may show signs of failure in one or more areas. It may be time to get it checked if you notice that your heating system is not heating rooms as fast as before, or if you experience cold spots around your home. 

Other symptoms to watch out for include loud noises and strange odors. You can also check to see if your utility bills are continuously increasing every month. An old system can use excess power, which leads to high utility bills.

How Much Does A Heating System Cost?

High-quality systems could cost more than $5,000, depending upon the area you’re heating and the type of system you choose. They’re an investment, but most stores offer financing and other incentives to ensure you get the best value.

For a more accurate estimate, be sure to contact Stack. We can offer guidance on picking the right heating system for you, your home, and your family.

Why Is My Heating System Leaking?

A variety of issues can cause a leak. The simplest and the easiest to repair is a clogged drain, which you can resolve through simple cleaning. 

However, if you find a leak, contact a heating installation professional. They’ll be able to identify the source of the leak and repair it efficiently. 

How Often Should I Replace My Filter?

How often you should replace your filter depends on the quality of your indoor air. You may need more frequent replacements if you smoke or have pets. Particles and fur can get into the filters and cause them to wear out faster. Nearby construction work can also lead to more frequent filter replacements due to the dust in the air. 

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Heating System?

Most systems last 15-20 years if they’re maintained regularly by a professional, but many variables can affect their lifespan. For example, if you experience many harsh winters, your heater may wear down faster.

Do I Need To Replace My Old Boiler?

If you have an old boiler, it makes sense to switch to a newer system. Newer models work more efficiently, saving you money in the long run. You can also take advantage of newer features that help keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

How Often Should I Have Maintenance Done?

We recommend having annual maintenance done to ensure that your system remains efficient and safe. It’s a good idea to schedule maintenance in the summer or fall to ensure that you’re warm all winter long.

We hope that this FAQ has helped answer many of your questions about heating installation and maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have unanswered questions. 

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