How to Lessen the Load on Your FurnaceYour furnace is a hard worker. If your home is drafty, poorly insulated, and your furnace suffers neglect, however, it has to work even harder, which can lead to higher energy consumption and greater wear and tear on important components. Reduce the energy load by taking the following steps.

Prevent Heat from Escaping

When you set your thermostat, your heating system will attempt to maintain that temperature. In a home experiencing heat loss, rooms won’t remain warm very long and the furnace will work longer and harder to keep up. Heat loss increases the heating load, which means that your heating system has to use more energy to produce sufficient results. By preventing heat loss, you reduce stress on the system and save yourself money. Do the following to prevent heat from escaping.

  • Eliminate drafts — Cold drafts mean outdoor air is infiltrating into your home through air leaks, and this always indicates that heated air is escaping. Take care of this by filling all cracks and gaps. To locate even the smallest air leaks, have a contractor perform an energy evaluation of your home.
  • Seal and insulate ductwork — Sections of ductwork that are located in unconditioned areas, such as a crawl space or garage, can lose heat through air leaks or through conduction. Prevent heat loss here by sealing and insulating these ducts.
  • Fortify insulation — Have your attic and exterior walls inspected to ensure your home has adequate insulation. Insulation prevents heat from transferring through the walls and ceiling, which keeps your home more comfortable in all seasons.
  • Cover the windows — Storm windows, plastic panels or heavy window dressings help keep heat from escaping through the glass panes on cold winter nights.

Keep the Furnace in Good Condition

Reduce the stress on your furnace by keeping it clean, changing the filter monthly and having it checked annually. These steps are important for keeping your heating system in good shape and keeping costs down.

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