If you’re looking for ways to boost heating efficiency in your home, it may be time to consider the benefits of a dual-fuel heat pump system. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a dual-fuel heat pump basically combines the year-round energy efficiency of a heat pump system with that of a second energy source, such as a gas-fired furnace. During milder weather, you enjoy maximum energy savings by using the high-efficiency heat pump to heat and cool your home, but when temperatures drop below freezing, the system switches over to the furnace to give you the highest efficiency heat possible in that type of weather.

How does a dual-fuel system really boost your energy efficiency? Because heat pumps use a method of heat transfer instead of wasteful combustion heating, they can provide as much as four times the energy they require for operation. In other words, for every $1 you spend, you actually receive the equivalent of $4 worth of heat — a significant energy savings.

Unfortunately, it is this same concept that makes air-source heat pumps less efficient when temperatures fall below 30 degrees, as there ceases to be enough heat in the outdoor air to provide the required comfort indoors. That’s where the high-efficiency furnace comes in, providing the utmost comfort and energy efficiency during those colder periods.

With the ability to switch between the heat pump and furnace based on predetermined temperature settings, a dual fuel system is capable of providing maximum comfort and energy savings all year round. So if you’re currently exploring your options in terms of energy-efficient heating and cooling,consider the long-term energy savings that dual-fuel systems provide.

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