The winter weather can turn very cold here in the Cleveland area and when you combine that with the occasional lake-effect snow or blizzard, a frozen heat pump can become a very serious problem. More than likely, a problem with your heat pump would require a visit from your HVAC technician to fix, but there are a few simple maintenance tasks that you can do that may help to avoid this problem.

Preventative measures

  • Keep the area around the heat pump free of ice, snow, leaves and debris.
  • If water is dripping on the unit from a leaky gutter, fix the gutter.
  • If the heat pump has sunken into the ground, it needs to be elevated. This should be done by a licensed HVAC tech.

Thawing a frozen heat pump

There are a few things that you can do to try and thaw your frozen heat pump while you wait for a tech to make a service call.

  • If ice has frozen across the top of the unit, turn it off and remove the ice.
  • Ice can be removed with a garden hose, but first be sure the unit is turned off.
  • Turn on the air conditioning. Yes, you read that right. Turning on the A/C reverses the system and can thaw a frozen heat pump in a pinch. It usually only takes around 15 minutes to thaw, so set the thermostat to just barely come on. If the heat pump freezes up again, you should schedule a service call.
  • Never, under any circumstance, chip ice off of the coils with a sharp object. This can damage the coils and cause serious injury.

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