If you’re just recovering from the winter heating bills and dreading summer’s air conditioning expenses, consider a dual-fuel system — especially if you expect a tax refund this spring. A dual-fuel heat pump is among the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home. The savings you realize over the long life of this HVAC appliance can start paying you back immediately.

A heat pump doesn’t create heat — it simply moves heat from one place to another; the only fuel it uses is electricity. These systems are capable of creating three times the heat from each watt of electricity they use, making them an energy-efficient alternative to using combustible fuels. However, their effectiveness declines when temperatures drop into the 30s, but the dual-fuel systems combine the efficiency of heat pumps with a backup fuel-burning furnace to fill in when temperatures drop.

The greater Cleveland area is an ideal climate for a dual-fuel system, where you can heat your home using the heat in the air during the fall and winter when temperatures are above the mid-30s, and switch to combustion fuel during December, January and February. Since the most efficient fuel-burning furnace burns at 98 percent efficiency and a pump may generate 300 percent efficiency, using the heat pump makes sense when temperatures are above 35 degrees F. Instead of paying for fuel during the entire heating season, you rely on the latent heat in the air during milder weather with dual-fuel heat pumps.

In the summer, the heat pump works just like an air conditioner, taking heat and humidity away from your home. Heat pumps have two ratings: SEER and HSPF. SEER denotes the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and HSPF is the heating season performance factor. The lowest SEER and HSPF equipment available stand at 13 and 7.7, respectively. Choosing a system with higher ratings lowers your conditioning costs year-round.

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