If you’ve come to the decision that now is the time you need to replace your air conditioning system or heat pump, you may want to seriously consider going with a geothermal system. While going with a conventional system may seem to make sense, if you take a close look at a geothermal heat pump, you’ll discover two major considerations. First, you’ll save money on your power bill virtually every month. Secondly, you’ll be using the Earth’s energy for heating and cooling instead of using electricity which means you’ll be “going green”.

Modern heat pump systems are designed to save energy and to be more cost effective. However, a geothermal system is designed to cost even less to operate since you are taking advantage of nature when powering your unit. This means your heat pump will be “paying you back” in the long run. Also, thanks to government  geothermal tax credits and tax abatement plans, much of the initial installation costs can be defrayed. This could make installation of a geothermal system less expensive than a conventional one.

And the benefits of going with a geothermal system on the environment are unquestioned. Since geothermal energy uses the Earth’s own temperature differential to create energy, much of the power required for heating and cooling your home is actually supplied by the unit itself. This can reduce your power bill dramatically and, between the savings on your power bill and rebates and incentives offered by many power companies, the result means you could actually “pay off” your geothermal heat pump within just a few years.

If you’re considering replacing your existing heating and cooling system with a geothermal one, taking a serious look at the geothermal tax credits being offered and the rebates and incentives available can help you make a well-informed decision. Also, if you’re in the Cleveland, Ohio area, contacting Stack Heating & Cooling about installation costs and for more information about geothermal tax credits and incentives will be your best next step.

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