Backup Generators Can Save the Day

Many Cleveland-area residents experienced a several-day-long power outage after a huge storm rolled through the area in mid-August. And as local residents are all too aware, this is hardly the first time that our electrical grid has gone down for days at a time… and it’s not likely to be the last. Are you ready for the next time the power goes out.

Consider Investing in a Backup Generator

There are a range of generator options available, from portable units to whole-house generators. You can choose the most cost-effective option to cover just the essentials, or you can invest in a larger system that will significantly raise the value of your home.

Determine the minimum size of the generator you need by figuring out what your essential power needs are during an emergency. After Hurricane Sandy in 2013, Popular Mechanics created a helpful chart for your reference to assist people in determining energy usage needs. Review the chart and then consult with a local electrician to determine what generator will work best for you and your family in an emergency.


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