Gas Line Repair

Gas Line Repair Services

Do you smell a funky odor and suspect a gas leak? Call on Stack plumbing services for your gas line repair. In addition to all of our other services, Stack now offers plumbing services, along with gas line repair and installation. We can help you with:

  • Gas line inspection
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas line diagnosis
  • General gas line repair

Natural Gas Leak

Most of the natural gas in the gas lines of your home contains methane, which can be poisonous and flammable. A natural gas leak is very serious and should be handled with precaution and care. If you suspect that your natural gas is leaking, make sure to address it immediately, no matter the time of day.

Do you have leaking natural gas or suspect that it is leaking? Call Stack today and our expert technicians will come to you to investigate.

Gas Lines

Gas Lines

Many homes in Northeast Ohio utilize natural gas lines to power appliances and to heat the home during cold seasons. Without functioning or efficient gas lines, your appliances may not get the fuel they need and your home may go cold during the winter. Additionally, any leaks in your gas lines are harmful to breathe and become a flammable hazard as well.

Make sure your home is safe and has access to the natural gas it needs. Do not wait or hesitate to call our gas line repair services as soon as you smell an odor or suspect a possible gas leak.

Contact Stack today for a gas line inspection or repair services!

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