Experience the Energy-Saving Benefits and Comfort of Radiant HeatingAn increasing number of Ohio homeowners are turning to a heating method that’s been around since Roman times — radiant floor heating. Hot air and electric systems are available, but the most popular type of radiant heating on the market today is hydronic where hot water is pumped through plastic tubing installed under the flooring. Time-tested radiant heating can make your home more comfortable and reduce your yearly energy bills.

Enhanced Home Comfort

A output from forced-air or baseboard heating systems simply can’t compare to the comfort that hydronic radiant in-floor heating brings to your home. As hot water circulates through the system, its warmth absorbs into the flooring, and then radiates up through the walls, furniture and everything else it comes in contact with. You’ll feel a boost in comfort in a number of ways:

  • You’ll enjoy a comforting warmth that’s constant and consistent with fewer drafts and cold spots.
  • Your air will be cleaner and healthier since pollutants and allergens won’t circulate throughout the home five to seven times a day by a blower fan. This helps make life more comfortable for anyone who suffers from allergies or breathing difficulties.
  • You can easily customize the comfort level from room to room because radiant in-floor heating is ideally suited to zoning.

Significant Energy Savings

A hydronic radiant system can keep your home more comfortable even when the thermostat is set 6 to 8 degrees lower than with baseboard or forced-air heating. Furthermore, it eliminates the heat losses associated with inefficient ductwork. By zoning the system, you can control the amount of energy used to heat rooms that aren’t occupied frequently and save even more.

One of the biggest advantages of hydronic radiant heat is it’s energy source flexibility. It can function efficiently with a boiler that’s powered by wood, gas or heating oil, as well as a solar water heater. This allows you to choose a single cost-effective energy source or benefit from a combination of sources.

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