After HVAC Optimization, Check Your Insulation

If you’ve had your furnace serviced, signed up for an HVAC maintenance program and considered HVAC upgrades that are within your budget, there may yet be one heating efficiency to-do item for you to check off your list: good insulation.

Even if you have an amazingly efficient system in place, if your home isn’t well insulated, you are draining your bank account of dollars unnecessarily all winter long. The first place to start is in the attic if you have one. Insulation here can easily be installed yourself and doing so can make a huge difference in the warmth of your home in the colder months.

Next come doors and windows. Obviously, if you can afford to have energy-efficient doors and windows installed, that is the best long-term solution. In lieu of that though, look into DIY insulation solutions for these areas that leech heat away from your home.

Finally, Dominion East Ohio and Columbia gas have both created an affordable home-energy audit option available to their customers.  Such an audit can support you in figuring out which insulating steps will make the most difference for your particular home.

Stay warm and save money this winter!

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