There are many great reasons to consider purchasing a new humidifier for your home. Because the weather in Northeast Ohio can (and frequently does) change at a moment’s notice, homeowners like you need all the assistance they can get to keep the indoor temperature warm without shelling out any more of your hard earned dollars than necessary. Here now are just a few of the benefits that home humidifiers provide for their owners. 

  • Big savings on utility bills. The higher the level of humidity in your home, the warmer it feels. Humidifiers enable you to turn down your furnace thermostat without sacrificing your family’s comfort.
  • Better night’s sleep. If your sleeping partner’s snores frequently keep you up at night, a humidifier may provide you with much needed relief. Humidity in the air moistens the sinuses and softens the palate, which can lower the risk of snoring.
  • More youthful appearance. Our bodies are made up of water and without enough of it, our skin can crack and peel. If you’re constantly applying lotion and lip balm during the winter, it may be time to invest in a humidifier.
  • Protection for your home furnishings. Wood furniture is a quality investment that never goes out of style. However, it can respond negatively to an overly-dry atmosphere. Keep your wood looking great by maintaining the proper amount of moisture.
  • Voice preservation. You don’t need to be a professional singer to take good care of your voice; all of us are judged daily by the tone and range of our speaking voices. Protect yours by keeping the humidity in your home between 30 and 50 percent.
  • Fewer illnesses. Adding humidity to your indoor air can actually help you prevent or fight off disease. The tiny hairs inside of your nose are designed to filter out bacteria and viruses. By keeping these hairs moist, you’re ensuring they can do their job properly.

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