HVAC systems help to control the climate and temperature in homes and buildings, which can take a significant amount of energy to do so. Winter often comes with higher electricity bills for several reasons, including the colder temperatures outside. There are a few simple things you can do in your home to keep the inside warm and save energy at the same time.

Open and Close Curtains or Blinds

Even when the sun isn’t out as much during the winter, it can still have a warming effect on your home. During the day, make sure to open your curtains or blinds to let in as much sunlight as possible. While this won’t replace a heating system on its own, it will make a noticeable difference in temperature if you let in the light during the day. Similarly, at night, make sure to close your curtains or blinds to keep the remaining light and heat within your home. 

Check for Drafts

Check for drafts around anywhere in your home that leads to the outside. Older homes tend to have more drafts because of how materials warp over the years. Anywhere that leads to outside should be checked. That could be doors, doorways, windows, or attics and basements. Use caulk to seal around cracks and crevices that lead to outside from stationary fixtures such as window frames. Caulk will provide a sealed insulation that can form to almost every shape, giving you nice flexibility when applying. Weather-stripping is a better option for doors and doorways that involve movement. Since the weather-strips can be applied to both a door and a doorway, they provide secure insulation when the door is closed and the weather-strips come together. 

Ceiling FansDecorative wood beam with standard ceiling fan and lights

You might often use your ceiling fan during the summer to supplement any air conditioning. Ceiling fans normally rotate counterclockwise, pushing air downwards to keep it from rising. Some ceiling fans have a reverse switch that can change the direction of their rotation. Flipping this switch and having your ceiling fans run during the winter months will pull air upwards in the room, allowing the warm air to circulate, so that your heating system doesn’t have to run as often. 

Supplemental Heat

Rather than completely relying on your heating system to warm your entire home, use additional heating supplements so that you can keep your thermostat at a lower temperature and save energy by using less of your heat altogether. 

Blankets and Warm Clothes

Just like your parents might have told you growing up, put on a sweater or grab a nice blanket if you’re cold! Wearing layers or snuggling under a blanket can be an easy alternative to cranking the heat up and will easily save  you money during the winter. This will allow you to keep your heat at lower settings so that less energy is used to initially heat the home. Find a comfortable temperature for your heat that you can keep it and grab some warm clothes whenever you feel chilly. 

Space HeatersElectric heater working in a room with hardwood floors

A space heater might sound unnecessary when you’ve got a heating system for your home, but it can help target specific areas or rooms that don’t have as much access to the heat. It’s important to be mindful when using space heaters, because if left constantly running, they can actually use quite a bit of electricity. Make sure to only use a space heater to help compliment your existing heating system, if you’re looking to save energy. 

Close Unused Rooms

If you have any rooms that aren’t being used, or used as frequently, close the door and the heating vents. This will divert the extra heat to the other parts of your home and energy won’t be wasted heating an unused space. Additionally, keep the doors to any attics or basements closed as well to keep heat from escaping into those areas of the home. 

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