Because costs are escalating, lots of people report ways to achieve energy savings, but some of them are simply myths. You may have heard these claims about lowering energy consumption, some of which can actually cost you in higher energy bills or repairs.

  • Closing off rooms to save energy: If you have rooms in your home you seldom use, you don’t necessarily gain any energy savings when you shut the doors and close off the registers. In fact, you’re putting your ductwork at risk by increasing the air pressure going through them, which can lead to duct leaks or tears and ultimately increased energy and repair costs.
  • Not turning the furnace down at night: It costs a lot less to heat your home quickly in the morning than keep the heat at the same temperature all night.
  • Keeping lights and computers on to save electricity: Although these appliances use a little more electricity when they turn on, you’ll save more energy if you turn them off. In the case of computers, letting your monitor go to sleep after idling for 15 minutes saves energy since this component uses the most energy.
  • Once my cordless devices have charged, the charger stops drawing electricity: Your chargers continue to draw power, even if you disconnect the device from the charger. When you’ve finished renewing the battery on a cordless device, unplug the charger. You can also use eco-chargers that shut the power down to the device and its charger.
  • Turning the air conditioner down or the furnace up will condition the room faster: Almost all HVAC equipment operates at the same speed for cooling or heating your home. If you forget to change the thermostat, your conditioning bills can go up quickly. In the summer, use a ceiling fan to cool yourself in a room faster. In the winter, put on warmer clothes until temperatures warm.

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