Lowering your cooling costs can keep a significant amount of money in your pocket during the summer. The Department of Energy estimates that half your energy budget goes toward cooling and heating your home. When you lower the cooling load inside your home, you’ll save electricity without sacrificing comfort.

Two aspects of your home increase the amount your air conditioner has to run. Air infiltration and heat gain increase the heat indoors and you can take steps to minimize both. Keeping your air conditioner maintained also lowers the amount of electricity it uses.


  • Look for leaks in your home by inspecting the window frames outdoors. If you see crevices or cracks around them, seal with exterior caulk.
  • Check your exterior doors. If you see daylight coming inside, replace your weatherstripping with fresh.
  • Seal the electric outlets on exterior walls with foam gaskets, available at home improvement centers.
  • Seal up any gaps that incoming cables, pipes or wires create. Use caulk for small holes or expanding foam for larger spaces. You can stuff large gaps with insulation.

Heat gain

  • Your windows can bring in half the heat your home gains. Shielding them from sunshine goes a long way when you want lower cooling costs. You can use insulating draperies, blinds, or even shade screens. Shade screens stop the heat before it enters your home and offer the most efficient way to keep your home cooler. Thermal or Energy Star windows are an investment in your home that pays you back continuously throughout the year.
  • Increasing the insulation in your attic is a cost-efficient way to lower the heat gain. Its benefits are immediate and last for years.

Air conditioner maintenance

  • Keeping the air filter clean for your blower lowers your cooling costs by helping the system work more efficiently.
  • Annual maintenance performed by an HVAC technician keeps your A/C running as close to new as possible.

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