Cleveland may not be the hottest city in the nation, but when the thermostat reaches into the 90s here in August, it sure feels like it. And while running the air conditioner all summer may lower the temperature it will also raise the electricity bill. Using a ceiling fan most days, instead of the air conditioner, can save you money and electricity. 

Ceiling fans have been used for generations. Why the popularity? While ceiling fans can add additional charm to a room, their true secret is the benefits they bring.

All-season savings

Ceiling fans increase air returns pushing the hot air downward in the cold season helping to warm the room; in the summer the fan will help circulate the air and create cool, comfortable breezes in another otherwise oppressively hot room. They can circulate the air creating a wind chill that cools the body, and they have the other benefit of helping with indoor air quality through increased ventilation.

Air-conditioning and ceiling fans

The breeze from the ceiling fan will alter the way the room feels while the air conditioner is running. A room that is 82 degrees may feel as much as eight degrees cooler thanks to the addition of a ceiling fan.  A ceiling fan allows you to set the thermostat to a higher temperature and thereby lower your bill significantly

They offer the added bonus of helping lower heating costs in the winter. Simply reverse your fan’s setting and it will draw the warm air down and make the room feel warmer with minimal cost.

Tips for use

Install ceiling fans in all of the rooms that you will be using during the summer heat. From aesthetics to noise levels, each ceiling fan will have different features. Check the noise ratings, and when possible, see the fan in action before buying.

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