An important first step in reducing your energy bills is getting a professional energy audit. Having a qualified technician thoroughly examine your house’s energy usage with the latest technology can pinpoint any problems, such as air leaks or poor insulation, that are leading to lower energy efficiency.

The service professional will start by taking note of the size of your house and any outstanding features, such as the number and location of the windows. He will also want to know about your schedule and behavior and may ask such question as:

  •   Is anyone home during the day?
  •   How many people live in the home?
  •   Do you use every room in the house?
  •   What are the typical thermostat settings?

Two of the most important tests the technician will conduct are the blower door test and the thermal scan.

  1. Blower door test – The service pro will place a powerful fan in the doorway of your home to lower the air pressure inside the house. This causes air outside the home to enter through any gaps or cracks. The technician monitors the amount of air being pulled into the house with sophisticated instruments and can detect openings that allow air in and out of the home with a device called a smoke pencil. Once the tech has found the sources of any leaks, he can then make sure they are securely sealed.
  2. Thermo-scan – A thermo-scan, or thermographic scan, uses infrared video to detect temperature variations on the exterior walls of your home. These variations help the technician judge the effectiveness of the insulation already in place and indicate whether more insulation is needed. Remove any drapes and move furniture away from the walls prior to a thermo-scan to ensure accurate readings.

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