You may be surprised to learn that the ductwork for your home comfort system is just as important as the air conditioning unit itself. Without this important part of the equation, all you would have is a big expensive appliance sitting in your yard gobbling up energy dollars with no treated air flowing into the rooms of your house. For this reason, your contractor should know your ducts prior to installing new ductwork or retrofitting old ducts. 

In order to create the right plan for the ductwork of your home, your contractor should first calculate the heating and cooling loads of the house. Once this determination has been made, the ductwork can then be designed and installed.

The designing phase includes a drawing of the entire air distribution system showing where the equipment will be placed, length of ducts and their location, placement of registers and their size, as well as the amount of airflow at each register. Close attention must be paid to size of the main trunk as well as branches leading into different rooms.

When all the ductwork is installed it is equally important that your contractor applies mastic, which is a paste used for sealing, to the joints to insure that treated air is delivered to the desired locations and not out into the walls or attic of your home.

Whether you are upsizing your air conditioning unit, installing a comfort system in new construction, or just having your air flow system inspected and repaired, it is important that your contractor understands the ins and outs of ductwork. Stacks Heating & Cooling is here to help make sure your system is working efficiently with a wealth of knowledge and experience from our trained specialists in HVAC. Contact us for more information.

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