It’s Necessary to Have Tight Ducts to Keep Heat in Your HomeNo matter how efficient your furnace, it can’t keep you comfortable efficiently in the greater Cleveland area’s variable climate without tight ducts. Leak-free ducts provide warmth more efficiently, and they also protect your health and home.

Stay Comfortable and Healthy

If not properly fitted and sealed, the joints in your air ducts can leak air. In the average home, the ducts leak as much as 30 percent of the air inside them. This air escapes into the attic, basement, and other spaces, going to waste instead of flowing out to your rooms to heat your home.

When less air reaches your rooms, your home feels colder even when you choose a high thermostat setting. A severe leak in a particular place in the ductwork can leave one room colder than the rest. Tight ducts solve this problem by holding in the air they carry so it can be evenly distributed to every room. Your home will feel warmer even with no change in your thermostat setting.

Duct leaks pull in air contaminants such as dust and mold spores, and spread them to your rooms. Tightly sealed ducts keep your conditioned air clean so you can enjoy better indoor air quality overall.

Save Money and Protect Your Home

When your duct waste air, your furnace has to work harder to make up for the loss. Sealing the leaks reduces the load on your furnace, so it uses less energy to keep you comfortable and you save money.

Warm air leaking into your attic creates condensation. This moisture soaks into the wood and insulation in the attic, reducing the efficiency of the attic insulation and encouraging rot and mold growth. If not caught early, these issues can do serious damage to your home’s wood structural elements. Warm air in the attic also causes uneven snow melt on the roof, which can lead to ice dams that damage your shingles and gutters and cause roof leaks.

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