There’s nothing unusual about experiencing a blast of dust along with warm air when your first turn on your furnace for the season. However, if the problem continues, it could indicate accumulated debris inside your HVAC system ductwork. If your ductwork is clogged or sending too much contamination into your home’s indoor air, a professional duct cleaning may be the best solution.

Debris such as mold, dust and other material can accumulate in your ductwork over time, especially during periods when you’re not using your furnace or air conditioner. When you turn your heating or cooling system on again, this material can be dislodged and blown back into your home. This reduces indoor air quality and can trigger asthma or allergies, worsen respiratory problems and cause significant physical discomfort.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests duct cleaning under three specific circumstances:

  • Mold is visible on the insides of the ductwork or on HVAC equipment and components. Mold can be extremely harmful to our respiratory systems and overall health.
  • Ducts have been invaded by pests and vermin, such as insects, rodents or other animals. If these creatures take up residence in your ductwork, they can leave behind fur, feces, nests or other unpleasant material that can be blown into your home’s indoor air.
  • Ducts are totally or partially blocked by dust, dirt or other debris.

A professional duct cleaning is designed to remove all these potential hazards by scouring the inside of your ductwork system from end to end. An additional benefit is that the cleaning technician can locate broken seals, loose connections or damaged or missing sections of ductwork and tell you where any repairs are needed.

When choosing a ductwork cleaning professional, be cautious. Beware of anyone who makes overly positive claims about the benefits of duct cleaning. Ask questions and check references as you would before hiring any service contractor.

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