Do You Know About These Different Air Sealing Options?Air leaks are a leading cause of energy waste in most homes. They often occur through cracks, holes, joints, and penetrations for ductwork, plumbing, lighting, and wiring. You can effectively reduce air leaks through air sealing. Have a look at the different ways you can air seal your home.


Caulking is applied to stationary joints as well as holes and cracks that are less than a quarter inch wide. There are many different types of caulking compounds available. Most come in a disposable cartridge that can fit in a half-barrel caulking gun. Some come in pressurized cartridges that don’t have to be applied using guns.

Some of the areas you can caulk include door and window frame joints, basements, crawl spaces, and around wall penetrations like pipes. Before applying caulk, you should clean the area around the leaks. Remove any old paint and caulk. Wait for the area to dry to ensure maximum tension. Apply caulk consistently at a 45-degree angle, avoiding any starts or stops. Ensure the caulk sticks to all sides of the leak.


Weatherstripping is applied to seal air leaks in moving components such as operable windows and doors. Weatherstripping products differ in price and properties. When choosing a product, you should consider its ability to withstand friction, temperature changes, weather and the location’s wear and tear. For instance, open-cell foams are susceptible to high foot traffic, making them only ideal for low-traffic places.

Just like caulk, you should apply weatherstripping to clean, dry surfaces. To establish the amount of material you’ll require for your project, add all the perimeters of the doors and windows to be weatherstripped and then add 5-10 percent to compensate for any waste.

Spray foam

Foam is used to seal cracks and openings that are too wide for caulk. After you spray it, it will expand and fill the gaps. It is mostly applied on holes for pipes, wires and ducts.

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