Mini-splits are ductless home heating and cooling devices that are practical substitutes for the standard system for homes that don’t already have ductwork systems. Mini-splits work particularly well when adding rooms to existing homes or when changing from another system that does not involve ductwork. Mini-splits offer versatility and energy savings for retrofits or new construction.

There are two significant components with a mini-split system:

  1. The indoor component of a mini-split system is the air handler device; generally only seven to ten inches deep. These devices may be installed on a ceiling or wall. Remotes are designed for out-of-reach devices.
  2. The other component of a mini-split system is the compressor that will be positioned outside the house.

Mini-splits are not hard to install and normally only need a three-inch opening through an exterior wall for the conduit. This conduit holds the power cable which attaches to the compressor, the drain for any condensation and lines for the refrigerant. The length of the conduit can vary so that you can place it away from the building to minimize any noise.

A mini-split system can be used to cool or heat specific rooms, or zones. Some systems can support up to eight unique zones, all utilizing a single compressor unit. Every zone will have an individual thermostat. Zones are only warmed or cooled when they are used, which will save you energy and money.

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