Many homeowners decide to remodel or add a room but find it too difficult or expensive to run ductwork to the addition. A ductless mini split is a convenient way to cool a room when ductwork is not an option. A mini split is small, versatile, adaptable to most rooms, easy to install and does not take up limited window space that a conventional window air conditioner uses. The system, which removes heat from the room rather than providing cool air, consists of two principal parts:

  1. An outdoor condenser unit, which changes the refrigerant from a gas to a  liquid, and then moves that liquid into the home and to the air handler unit.
  2. An air handler unit, which is located inside your home on a wall, ceiling or floor and at an appropriate place in your room to benefit from the cooling process. A pipe carries refrigerant from the outdoor condenser into the air handler, where a fan blows warm air from the room over the handler’s coils, transferring the heat to the refrigerant, which then travels back outside.

Benefits of a ductless mini split

  • The system requires a small hole in the wall for the lines, rather than a larger hole to house a room air conditioner.
  • Maintenance is simple and affordable.
  • The unit has its own thermostat that can be adjusted as needed, saving energy costs.
  • There is less energy loss, since the unit does not require ductwork.

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