How Does a Ductless Split A/C System Actually Work?Ductless split A/C systems are one of the best options for homeowners who need to condition a new room or a retrofit where running ductwork would be inconvenient, impractical or expensive. The U.S. Department of Energy classifies ductless mini-splits as central HVAC systems, since their engineering and efficiency are quite similar. Like central systems, they have an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler (AHU) that can cool an entire home.

Ductless split A/Cs differ from central A/C systems because of their lack of ductwork. The AHU blows air directly into a room, using a narrow, flexible conduit to carry the refrigerant, power line and drain pipe. The outdoor condenser compresses the refrigerant and sends it inside where it flows to the evaporator coil inside the AHU. The fan then blows air over the indoor coil, and the refrigerant picks up the heat, cooling your space.

Using a ductless split A/C system offers various advantages over installing a new central system or extending an existing one.

  • Installation is quick. Because HVAC technicians don’t have to run any ductwork, installation is fairly quick. The team will drill a small hole in an exterior wall, run the conduit and hook it to the condenser and air handler.
  • Energy efficiency is high. Ductless mini-splits have to meet the same energy efficiency standards of central cooling systems, and many units are available with high efficiency ratings. A lack of ductwork also builds efficiency because there are no thermal or air losses. Each AHU has its own thermostat, and if you’re not using a space, you can simply turn it off to save energy.
  • Placement is flexible. The AHU can be placed on the floor, wall or ceiling.

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