The increasing popularity of ductless mini splits has led to a proliferation of design advances. These advances add to and improve upon the many advantages already present in the ductless mini split design, such as efficiency, comfort and convenience.

Some of the latest ductless mini split design features

  • Inverter compressors – This design feature results in both increased energy efficiency and comfort. A compressor consumes most of the energy in the system and, in previous designs, only operated at one speed when on. Inverter compressors are able to run at a range of speeds. When initially turned on, they will run at full speed to quickly cool the room, but then they decrease to a speed that only supplies the amount of cooling needed to maintain that temperature. This avoids the frequent and highly inefficient switching on and off that’s also hard on system components.
  • Long conduit runs – Some models now allow up to 100 feet of conduit to be run between the indoor and outdoor units. This can allow for the outdoor unit to be placed in more convenient and quieter locations.
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerant – New ductless mini-split design uses R410A refrigerant, which, unlike the old R22 refrigerant, will not deplete the ozone layer if it gets released into the atmosphere. That said, all refrigerant should be properly disposed of by an HVAC professional.
  • Multistage air filtration – Models that include this feature improve indoor air quality via reduced allergens and odors.
  • Sensors for improved comfort – Some models include additional sensors to optimize comfort. There are sensors to keep the fans from turning on until the coils have reached the desired temperature, as well as sensors that can detect room temperature differences and adjust the unit’s operation to compensate.
  • Remote controls – Many units offer remote control with varying features. The use of radio waves in some models provides more installation options for the remote control since it doesn’t have to be within line-of-sight of the units like inferred controls do.

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