Consider Using Ductless Mini Splits in Your HomeDuctless mini split systems eliminate a major source of heating and cooling inefficiency: the ductwork. Residential ducts typically leak at least 20 percent of the air they convey, wasting energy and running up your monthly bills. What’s more, installing new ductwork—or extending an existing system to accommodate a remodel or add-on—is a major project that can be prohibitively expensive and disruptive. A ductless mini split delivers the power and efficiency of a heat pump to individual rooms, without the downsides of ductwork.

The Ductless Approach

Ductless technology incorporates a compact indoor air handler containing a coil and blower fan with a space-saving outdoor unit about the size of a suitcase. The two components are connected by a refrigerant conduit that requires only a three-inch hole in an exterior wall. For winter warmth, latent heat energy is extracted from outside air by the external coil and transferred to refrigerant flowing through the conduit. At the indoor air handler, heat energy is released by the inside coil and dispersed into the room by the blower fan. For summer cooling, the process reverses and heat removed indoors is dispersed outdoors.

The benefits of a ductless mini split are why this economic alternative to central ducted systems is rapidly gaining market share in North America:

  • Heating and cooling individual rooms is a more direct, efficient way of conditioning spaces than running ductwork from a central system. There are no leakage losses nor air quality issues associated with ductwork.
  • Thermostat controls for a single room are more accurate than a central thermostat elsewhere in the house.
  • Ductless systems offer great installation flexibility. The low-profile indoor air handler can be mounted on a wall or ceiling or configured as a stand-up unit.
  • Installation is straightforward. A two-person crew can install a ductless mini split in one day with minimum disturbance to your household.
  • Expansion is easy. One outdoor unit can accommodate up to eight indoor air handlers with refrigerant conduits routed to each.

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