Obvious Signs Your Home Needs a Professional Duct CleaningWhen it comes time for a spring HVAC inspection, are your ducts included? Many homeowners don’t give their home’s ducts a second thought, but there’s a lot that can go wrong in that out-of-sight system. Sometimes, unhealthy conditions can develop in ductwork, which could be a hazard for your home’s occupants and a signal that a professional duct cleaning is in order.


You don’t want your family breathing mold spores, so you’re careful about eliminating moist conditions in the home that could contribute to the growth of mold. Those same conditions can occur in the ductwork. When duct segments come loose or there are cracks or holes in the sheet metal, moisture can invade and mold can begin to grow.

Generally, homeowners become aware of mold in the ducts when they smell a musty, damp odor coming from the HVAC system. It may be hard to see mold without the cameras used by a professional duct cleaner.

If mold is found in your ducts, they should not only be cleaned, but the reason for the mold development should be remedied. Mold in ducts is rare, and if you suspect you have it, have the suspected mold tested to be sure.


Sometimes rodents or insects invade ducts and build nests. These can create obstructions to necessary airflow and generate unpleasant odors that are recirculated in the conditioned air. A duct cleaning professional has the equipment to verify if your ducts are infested and can clean the system after pest removal.

Dust and Other Particulates

Your home may be a haven for dust, pet dander, dust mites, pollen and other particles. If those particles are being drawn into your HVAC system, they can build up in your ductwork over time and necessitate a duct cleaning. Some homeowners report their families’ allergies and respiratory issues improved after a cleaning by a qualified professional.

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