A noisy boiler can be responsible for many of the creepy sounds coming from your basement, but make sure you don’t just ignore these sounds. Some of the noise could be the result of a mechanical issue or your boiler not working properly. There are plenty of reasons for a noisy boiler, but not all of them mean that something is wrong. Nevertheless, it’s best to check out the cause for these sounds to ensure nothing is wrong with your boiler. 

Where Exactly is the Noise Coming from?

There is potential for a lot of different sounds that originate from your boiler or the surrounding area. A creaking sound coming from the pipes is usual and common to hear as the pipes change temperature. Make sure to identify exactly where the unusual sound is coming from. Is the boiler itself rattling, banging, or vibrating? Or are the pipes or radiator the culprit of the noisy sounds? Determining where the unusual noise is coming from will help narrow down what issues could be causing those sounds. 

What Type of Noise?

A noisy boiler can make plenty of different sounds, and depending on which noise it is making, you can narrow down the potential problem that is causing that noise. Sometimes these can be simple and easy fixes, but other conditions might be more severe and could require you to replace your boiler. A noisy boiler can make any of the following sounds: 

BangingCut out of pipe with debris clogging

If there is a build-up of debris within the boiler, it will make loud banging noises as the boiler needs to work harder to push through the blockages and debris. This will cause your noisy boiler to make loud banging noises as the pressure builds up to push through any stoppage. If this is the problem with your noisy boiler, it may require a flushing of the boiler to remove the excess debris. It may be difficult to discern the difference between the thermostat and debris blockage just by sound, so make sure to call a qualified professional if you need any help diagnosing your problem. 


Gurgling sounds coming from your noisy boiler means the water isn’t flowing correctly. Your boiler will make infrequent gurgling sounds, which is normal. However, if the sounds get too loud and consistent, that may signify there is an issue with your noisy boiler. Start by checking the reading of your noisy boiler’s water pressure. If the pressure is too low, refer to your user manual to set it to the correct pressure. If you are unsure of the correct water pressure for your home and situation, contact a professional technician for support. 

Sometimes there can be too much air trapped within the system that causes a gurgling sound, and could potentially lead to further problems. There is a way to release this trapped air from your system, called bleeding the radiator. However, it’s best to contact a professional to complete this service. 

Whistling (Kettling) 

A whistling sound that may sound like a kettle or tea pot coming from your boiler means there is some build-up around the heat exchanger, most likely limescale. This build-up restricts the flow of air and water which produces the whistling sound as it presses through the pipes within the boiler. This will cause your boiler to work harder, and therefore use more energy, raising the cost of your bills. If you hear a whistling sound from your noisy boiler, it’s best to call a professional technician for service. 

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