Boiler noises are often triggered when a problem develops somewhere within the equipment. Because the results can often include higher heating costs, loss of heat or danger to you and your family, it’s important that you identify and remedy any boiler noise you hear as quickly as possible. Here are some of the most common sounds produced by troubled boilers.

  • Banging noise – The oil pump may not be shutting down properly, which could be the cause of this boiler noise. When the oil pump leaks partially burned oil into the combustion chamber, it ignites and makes the banging noise at start-up. Seek immediate service from a professional HVAC technician to remedy the problem.
  • Vibrating noise – This is a clue that puff-back is taking place, which is when soot enters the room through the barometric damper or another opening in the equipment. If you hear this noise, look for a flapping barometric damper, a problem that should be serviced promptly. Vibrations may also be caused by wobbly motor bearings, a failing fuel unit, loose mounting bolts or a faulty transformer.
  • Rumbling or stuttering noise – While some boiler noise is normal during boiler operation, what you hear should be smooth and continuous. If you hear rumbles or stuttering sounds at start-up, your system needs to be inspected and cleaned. If the sounds occur at shutdown, oil could be leaking into the combustion chamber, increasing the risk of dangerous puff-back. Either way, seek professional attention for this boiler noise.
  • Shrieking or grinding noise – These boiler noises come from the electric motor or oil pump. It most likely indicates a failing bearing, which requires immediate professional attention.

If you observe any of these boiler noises, don’t attempt to diagnose them yourself. Instead, contact a qualified professional to take a look and diagnose as well as repair the problem.

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