Top Signs It's Time for a Boiler ReplacementBoiler replacement is a difficult issue for many homeowners. Some boilers last for decades, while others keep chugging along reliably, but probably shouldn’t actually be in service anymore. At best, you’ll spend more money than you should to keep an outdated or poorly functioning boiler in operation. At worst, it breaks down unexpectedly during a midwinter weekend.

Here are some factors that can help determine if boiler replacement is advisable or necessary.

Proper Sizing

Home needs can change over time, especially after add-ons or other significant changes. A too-small boiler just won’t do the good job, and this won’t change until it’s replaced with a larger one. Too-large boilers, on the other hand, may experience rapid cycling or dump too much heat into your home, persistently wasting energy.

Metal Condition

Most boiler parts can be changed as needed, but not the boiler body itself. Corrosion or damage to this metal component may be a deal-breaker – there’s just no good way to fix it. Watch for signs of rust or buildup, and have your boiler assessed at least once a year as part of your routine maintenance check.

Parts Condition and Availability

You may be perfectly willing to keep paying for boiler repairs when parts break down, but sometimes that’s not enough. Over time, parts get scarcer and more expensive. The manufacturing company may go out of business, or stop making parts that fit your model. If parts are too tough to get, purchasing a new boiler may actually save you money.

Overall Efficiency

Your old boiler lacks all of the technological advancements and refinements that have developed since its installation. After 20 or 30 years, the difference may account for a significant portion of your energy bill. You may be surprised at just how quickly an efficient new boiler can pay for itself.

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