If you live in an area where the weather changes dramatically from season to season, you might wonder whether you need to use your AC all the time. There might be months when the temperature outside is comfortable, so turning off your air conditioner seems like a logical thing to do. However, some people worry that their AC unit might break if they don’t use it for an extended period. In this guide, we’ll explore whether turning off your AC is a bad idea and what to do if your unit stops working.

Turning off Your AC Unit Over the WinterWoman holding hand above an air conditioner

It’s a common belief that shutting off your AC unit over the winter can cause it to break, but this is not entirely true. In fact, it’s recommended to turn off your AC unit when transitioning to cooler temperatures and when it’s not needed for a long period. However, it’s vital to disconnect the power supply when doing this, as an active power supply can harm your air conditioning system. To ensure your AC unit stays in good condition, it’s also wise to give it a thorough cleaning before shutting it down over the winter.

Checking and Cleaning an AC Filter

One of the most crucial steps to ensuring your AC unit functions effectively for a long time is to change the air filter regularly. By cleaning and changing your AC filter every three months, you’ll help prevent some of the most common breakdowns and improve your air quality. The process is straightforward and easy to execute on your own, or you can choose to have a professional perform this task for you. Neglecting to clean or replace your air filter can result in both an expensive repair bill and breathing in dirty air.

Troubleshooting Tips when Your AC Breaks

It’s frustrating when your AC unit breaks down unexpectedly. A common source of AC problems is a refrigerant leak. The issue could also stem from thermostat complications or system wear and tear, among other things. If your AC breaks down, here are a few troubleshooting tips: replace the thermostat battery, check the filter, and make sure the outdoor unit is clean and free of debris. If these steps don’t work, it’s probably time to seek the help of a professional AC repair service.

The Risks of Outdated Models and Poor Maintenance

Outdated models and poor maintenance are significant reasons why an AC breaks. Older units are not as energy-efficient as newer models, which can lead to increased utility bills. Additionally, failing to perform proper maintenance on your AC unit can cause serious issues that could lead to costly repairs. Maintenance includes changing the air filter regularly, cleaning the unit’s coils, and making sure the parts are lubricated.

The Difference Between Repair and Replacement

Knowing when to repair an AC unit versus replacing it is critical. If your AC unit is frequently breaking down or is past its expected lifespan and requires constant repairs, it’s likely time to replace it. A replacement costs more upfront but can save you money in the long run by improving energy efficiency, reducing electricity bills, and requiring fewer repairs.

Should You Call a Professional When Your AC Breaks?

If your AC unit breaks down or is not operating correctly, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of a professional AC repair service. Trying to diagnose and fix the problem yourself can be dangerous and may cause further damage to the system. Professional AC technicians are trained to understand the ins and outs of AC units and can solve the problem quickly and safely. They can also help you identify potential problems before they turn into costly repairs.

Keeping Your CoolWoman sitting at a desk and fanning herself with a blue paper fan

Turning off your AC unit for an extended time won’t cause it to break down. However, it’s critical to disconnect the power supply and perform proper maintenance to ensure that your system stays in good condition. Remember, changing your air filter every three months, cleaning coils, and keeping the moving parts lubricated will prolong the lifespan of your AC unit and improve energy efficiency. If your AC system does break down, troubleshoot and seek professional help before the small issue turns into a big problem.

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