Central air is crucial in the brutally hot and humid months here in Ohio. Towards the end of the summer, the weather tends to get muggy and the air feels heavy. Therefore, most Ohioans hide within their central air to get a break from the hot weather. If your central air is broken, you might think you may be out of luck, yet there are some clear and definite reasons why your central air is broken. Most of these issues can be easily fixed by a skilled technician. 

Thermostat Temperature DetectionFinger pushing a button on a wall thermostat

Sometimes the issue with your central air might not be the air conditioner itself. If your thermostat is not working properly, it could be detecting the wrong temperature and shutting off too soon before it reaches your desired temperature. This may be difficult to notice at first, unless the temperature difference is dramatic. However, if you begin to notice your central air shutting off before you feel much of a difference, or check the temperature against your thermostat, you can probably assume the thermostat is the root of the issue. 

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant spraying out of leak

The refrigerant is the part of the air conditioner that makes the air cold. If your central air is broken with a refrigerant leak, it may blow out warm or hot air, produce a hissing sound, or just take much longer to cool your home. The refrigerant cools incoming air and releases the heat from indoors to the outdoors. If your central air is broken, it may still be functioning at some capacity. Therefore, if you notice your air conditioner not running as well as it has or could be, there is most likely a refrigerant leak or issue. Contact a technician to help you solve this problem. 

Coil Problems

The coil in your air conditioner is where the refrigerant runs through to cool the incoming air and expel the heat. If too much dust or dirt accumulates in your air conditioner, especially on the coil, it can insulate the coil and the refrigerant will cause the coil to freeze. If the coil and refrigerant are frozen, neither can flow well enough to cool the air. Therefore, your central air won’t work properly and more than likely your home will still be warm. One of the biggest indicators of this problem is noticing any type of leaking coming from your central air unit. If this is the reason why your central air is broken, you’ll just need to clean the excess dust and dirt from your air conditioner’s coil. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, be sure to call an experienced technician. 

Circuit Breakers or Fuses

If you think your central air is broken because it suddenly quits working, it may be your circuit breaker or fuse that is the culprit of this problem. If you happen to be replacing an old air conditioner with a new one, make sure you check if your current voltage and wiring in your house can support the newer appliance. More than likely, a newer air conditioner will require more electricity than an older one. Sometimes your central air isn’t broken, as it needs at least 15 additional minutes to reset after a circuit breaks or a fuse blows. 

Damaged Parts

The worst-case-scenario in this list would be significant damage to your air conditioner. Since the majority of air conditioning units live outside homes, there is a lot of potential for natural accidents to cause damage to your unit. You’ll notice your central air is broken if it makes any rattling or unusual noises, along with not working properly. If you find your central air is broken or damaged significantly, your best option is to call an experienced technician to diagnose and repair your unit. 

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