Though your air conditioner is an important part of your home comfort system, you probably won’t be using it during the winter months. In order to have it in tip-top shape for next summer, homeowners should take the time to winterize the home air conditioner. With these steps, you will be less likely to require a service issue as soon as warmer weather rolls around.

If you have been consistently taking good care of your air conditioner, then there is less concern when it comes to winterizing your cooling unit. If you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance, however, and you’re behind on changing air filters and getting an annual check-up, consider completing these before your air conditioner goes into hibernation. You don’t want your cooling appliance breaking down when you need it most, so it’s best to make sure it’s in good condition sooner rather than later.

You’ll also want to clean your air conditioner before you put it out of commission for the winter months. Many sources recommend using a water hose for the job, but the potential for wires shorting makes this a dangerous method. Instead, gently wipe down the appliance with a soft cloth. This will get the job done without any danger. If you don’t clean your unit before retiring it for the winter, debris can continue to build up and will likely to be a real mess when summer comes around.

Homeowners concerned about the buildup of snow and rain on their outside unit might be tempted to cover the equipment. Avoid completely covering up your air conditioner, as that allows moisture to build up inside the unit and can cause big problems down the line. Instead, consider putting a small cover just over the top over the appliance, which will protect it from rain and snow without. This means precipitation won’t be able to build up inside.

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