Hot, Humid Days Call for Creative Heat Solutions

It the heat of the summer months, having a high-functioning, efficient air conditioning system is a beautiful thing. Even so, however, you may want to save on your electric bill by not blasting it while you’re at work during the day, yet you still want to come home to a cool house. Or, perhaps you have pets at home who need to stay cool while you’re out but you’d like to minimize your cooling costs. Hey, maybe you just want to tax your system less in general by giving it a boost from a generally cooler baseline temperature in your home.

Here are some creative solutions to help you keep your home cooler and make things a little easier on your AC system (and your bill!):

1. Blackout Blinds: Opaque blinds are known to be great for providing a cave-like sleeping environment free from distracting light, but they’re also great for cutting down heat. They are especially effective for this latter purpose when used on any east- or west-facing windows. Close the blinds between sunrise and sunset and your home will stay much cooler.

2. Skip the dryer and the dishwasher until dark: Save heat-generating activities until after dark. This way, you won’t be taxing your system with mitigating heat from both within and outside of your home.

3. Pair ceiling fans with AC: Using ceiling fans in tandem with your air conditioning system can make for a very pleasant interior temperature that costs you less than AC alone.

4. Upgrade your system: If you have an older AC system, you may be paying more for less cooling. A professional HVAC specialist can help you determine what cost savings you could gain from installing a newer, more energy efficient setup.

5. Don’t use indoor dehumidifiers while running AC: Dehumidifiers cause your AC system to work overtime, so skip use of them during the months that you need cooling power in your home.

6. Maintain a clean AC air filter: During the most active months you are using your AC system, you should clean your filter about once a week to prevent it from compromising your system’s cooling efficiency. An HVAC professional can show you how.

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