Your indoor air quality has a huge impact on the health of you and your family.

In order to get the absolute best air quality in your home, implement some of these steps to help you start breathing easier:

  • Make sure that rooms with fans like bathrooms and kitchens vent directly outdoors instead of recirculating the air.
  • Be sure to properly vent areas you use for heating such as fireplaces or wood stoves. They require tight doors and outdoor air intakes.
  • Vent your central vacuum cleaners and clothes dryers to the outside.
  • Install ultraviolet (UV) lights in your air system. These emit a low levels of UV radiation that can immediately kill harmful microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Change your air filters regularly. If too much debris accumulates on filters, they can become less effective at capturing pollutants as they pass through.
  • Eliminate combustion sources that aren’t vented, like cigarettes or candles. If you can’t eliminate them entirely, minimize their indoor use.
  • Don’t store dangerously volatile substances in spaces where they could end up getting circulated in your air system. This includes paints, cleaners, pesticides and solvents.
  • Don’t have your furnace, air conditioning or ductwork in living spaces where contaminants could easily seep in. The primary example of a poor location is the garage. If this is unavoidable, use weatherstripping and other materials to minimize the amount of particles that could make their way from outside into your home.
  • When partaking in indoor activities that involve potentially harmful chemicals (i.e. painting) be sure to open a window to allow these contaminants to circulate out.
  • Properly vent your heating equipment so that the combustion process doesn’t pollute your indoor air quality.

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