Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Using These TipsDoes your outdoor HVAC unit stick out like a sore thumb? Does the noise bother you when trying to entertain guests, or are you simply seeking some peace and quiet? Consider the following tips for masking, concealing, and hiding your outdoor unit in a tasteful and attractive manner.

Use a Fence

A fence is a simple way to conceal the outdoor unit of your HVAC system. A picket fence can be installed in a day. If you want to paint the fence, be sure to choose wood material. Vinyl fencing is more durable and easier to maintain, but you can’t paint it to match the surrounding outdoor space.

A crosshatch fence is another attractive option that can easily hide the outdoor unit. Like a picket fence, a crosshatch fence blends well with many landscape designs and they both allow free airflow to the unit, which is very important.

Dedicated Structure

A dedicated structure offers many benefits in addition to hiding the outdoor unit. You may build a structure that serves as storage for other items. Wouldn’t it be handy to have your gardening tools next to your garden, yet out of sight? You may also store landscaping equipment, cleaning supplies, or anything else you use outdoors.

A dedicated structure is useful during the heating months to protect the unit from snow, ice, and debris. The noisy compressor won’t seem so loud. Moreover, a fully-enclosed and locked structure can protect your valuable HVAC equipment from would-be copper thieves.

Climbing Plants

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, low-budget solution, consider using plant screens. Whether potted plants, small trees, or a trellis with climbing plants, you can make an attractive natural barrier to conceal the outdoor unit on a shoestring budget.

Before You Begin

Keep in mind that any structure, fence, or screen you put in place needs to allow for free airflow to the outdoor unit or it will malfunction. Also, remember to leave access for HVAC maintenance.

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