If you’ve made the decision to invest in a new A/C system, you should understand the importance of properly sizing your cooling equipment. Take measures to ensure that your home will be as comfortable as possible through the hot and humid northeastern Ohio summers. Insist that your HVAC contractor is practiced in the art of Manual J load calculations.

A Breakdown Of Manual J

Manual J is a load calculating tool which was developed by a group of HVAC experts. Using this tool, your contractor can determine the specific latent and sensible cooling loads of your home. Put simply, your HVAC professional can utilize Manual J to size your new A/C equipment in such a way as to maximize your home comfort and give you the most value for your dollar.

As your contractor works to correctly size your air conditioner, several factors will be considered. Measurements of your home’s size will be taken, and its shape and orientation will be noted. The type of insulation and number of windows in your house are also important factors. Your installation professional will consider the amount of people in the household, their ages and comfort preferences. Any lighting or appliances used within the home, as well as the Ohio climate also play a role in determining the best A/C system for you.

The Benefits Of Manual J

When all the factors affecting the cooling loads of your home have been calculated, you’ll have the assurance that your new A/C unit will serve you well. Making sure that your contractor utilizes Manual J load calculations will result in maximum comfort with minimal spending.

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