HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, are responsible for both heating and cooling your home. HVAC units and systems are typically reliable, but there are issues that can arise, just as with any other system in your home. However, with this daunting summer heat, you may be wondering what some common problems are in the summer and what HVAC services are available to help. 

No Maintenance

One of the biggest HVAC issues for the summertime is avoiding or ignoring regular maintenance. This is sort of the catch-all that can address and prevent any minor issues that can cause your HVAC unit to malfunction. With regularly scheduled HVAC services, a repairman or technician can catch problems early on before they become something bigger. 

Sometimes your issue can be as simple as a loose bolt that needs tightening. These things can be addressed quickly through regular HVAC maintenance and HVAC maintenance or repairs will prevent small issues from becoming bigger ones. 

Dirty Air Filters

HVAC unit with dirty filtersHVAC services will always suggest for you to regularly check and change your air filters for your HVAC unit. As the unit takes in air, whether to heat or cool it, the air gets filtered so that pollutants and allergens are less likely to enter your home. Once your air filter becomes full, it can no longer filter the air properly and must be changed. 

If an air filter isn’t changed for a long period of time, it can cause the HVAC unit to work harder in order to blow air through the clogged filter. Causing your HVAC unit to work harder raises the risk of it malfunctioning or breaking, so it’s best to change your air filter or call HVAC services to do so. 

Damages or Wear and Tear

It’s also very common for HVAC units to get damaged, since they live outside your home. This can happen from a variety of things, such as weather conditions or human mistake. It’s very easy to lose sight of HVAC wires when you’re mowing your lawn or trimming your landscaping and you might accidentally damage a cord or part of the unit. 

Since your unit stays outside all year, the weather can wear it down overtime and even damage it through severe weather conditions. If a branch falls onto your unit as the result of a bad storm, it can damage the unit. Additionally, over time any exposed parts or pieces of your HVAC unit can be worn down also. Any repairman or technician can quickly identify parts that need replacements through HVAC inspection and repair. 


2 HVAC units next to each other outside a homeThere are many different reasons why your HVAC unit might be leaking. Sometimes condensation and small amounts of water are expected as a reaction from the HVAC working. However, if you have a steady, constant leak, or a leak of excessive amounts of water, this could very well be an indication that your HVAC unit is experiencing some difficulties. 

An experienced repairman or technician should be able to diagnose the situation and find the cause of your leak through HVAC services. If you find a concerning leak coming from your HVAC unit, make sure to call professional services to investigate and discern what the problem is and where it might be coming from. 

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