It’s a commonly known fact that air-conditioners can generate some uncomfortable symptoms, especially when you spend many hours in a heavily air-conditioned environment. But are air conditioners actually unhealthy? The quick answer is no. Air conditioners aren’t bad for one’s health and are very helpful tools during hot months, and can be beneficial in filtering pollen and other seasonal allergies. However, it’s essential to stay on top of your air conditioner’s maintenance to prevent mold or bacteria build-ups that could cause possible sickness. 

How Can Poorly Cleaned Air Conditioners Affect Your Health?

There are different ways that an AC could cause discomfort or sickness. The cold air itself will never be the cause of your sickness, however, the bacteria and mold that accumulate inside air conditioners that aren’t cleaned regularly can cause colds, runny noses, sore throats, etc. Dirty air filters trigger allergic reactions. The same applies to the room the air conditioner is located in. AC units will make the air circulate, so if you have mold or bacteria in your room, your air conditioner will make it circulate and could cause a similar effect on your health. 

Some common symptoms of air-conditioner-caused sickness are: respiratory issues, headaches, dehydration, cold symptoms or allergies, dry skin, high blood pressure, intolerance to heat, and fatigue. If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, the good news is that there’s several things you can do to stop them!

What Can You Do to Avoid Air Conditioner Sickness?

Person on ladder cleaning air filter in open air vent

The first step toward preventing air conditioner sickness is maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Clear your space of any mold, dust, mildew, or allergens that you can find. If you have a mold problem in your home, make sure you find a way to solve that as soon as possible because it will continue to affect your health. 

HVAC Cleaning

Your next step will focus specifically on your air conditioner, which you will need to clean regularly (once every couple of months should be ok). Your AC unit needs regular maintenance and cleaning in order to make sure it works properly and isn’t blowing anything potentially harmful into your home. It’s recommended to clean your unit thoroughly at the beginning of summer (or the time of year you begin to use the air conditioner), and clean it every couple of months. Regular HVAC maintenance and services are recommended to avoid other issues with your unit.  Without any sort of regular cleaning or service, HVAC units will fall into disrepair more quickly, which then increases the risk of getting sick from an ignored unit. Man with gloves and face mask holding dirty air filter

HVAC Air Filters

Regularly changing your air filter is another key element to avoid air conditioner sickness. Air filters exist to block pollutants and allergens from entering your home, but once they fill up they aren’t able to do that job perfectly. For this reason, you should clean your air filters after 250 hours of use, and change them every three months. Additionally, making your air conditioner work with a clogged air filter can be harmful to the unit and could cause bigger issues with overall functioning, so it’s always best to stay on top of changing your filters or calling HVAC services to do it for you. 

Stack is Here to Help!

Although air conditioner sickness can be very annoying, there are simple actions you can take towards preventing it. Stack’s Heating and Cooling services are experts at solving any issues your HVAC might have. Don’t let your air conditioner give you an annoying cold this summer, for help cleaning your unit or changing your air filters Visit our website or call (440) 937-9134 today!

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