Summer heat combined with humidity can create uncomfortable, muggy weather here in Ohio; and because the Lake Erie water absorbs and retains heat all season, it can elevate lake effect and make us all miserable. This perfect storm of summer weather is enough to drive us all indoors, but that doesn’t always give us the escape we’re looking for. The humidity can often follow us inside and wreak havoc unless we take precautions against the sticky onslaught.

Turn on your A/C.

While leaving your air conditioner off for as long as possible will save you on power consumption, it will do nothing to combat the effects of humidity in your home. An A/C system is designed to keep moisture at a reasonable level, so if it’s not being put to use, it’s not able to do anything to fight home humidity.

Replace filters.

You probably already know filters should be changed out every few months to keep your system running smoothly; but in the summer months when your air conditioning unit is being more heavily utilized, they should be exchanged each month. This will keep your unit running efficiently and the home humidity levels down.

Put exhaust fans to use.

They might not look like they would have much effect, but turning on your exhaust fans when you’re cooking, doing laundry, or showering will help ventilate the moisture in the air to the outside instead of leaving it trapped in your home. As a side note, your washer and dryer units can produce a large amount of humidity when in use; to keep this down, only run them when you have a full load of laundry, and make sure the dryer vents to the outside rather than inside the home.

Take advantage of dehumidifiers.

The name is pretty clear: they pull moisture directly out of the air to dehumidify the environment. This pairs well with your air conditioner to keep the air in your home healthy and your family happy.

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