Degree days give homeowners a better understanding of their own energy usage.  This lets you be better prepared for energy costs and can provide you with information that will allow you to gain heating and cooling efficiency.

Each day throughout a year has a certain number of heating or cooling degree days assigned to it based on the average temperature.  When you begin to look at different periods, you will see trends emerge that indicate times of increased energy usage.  This lets you develop strategies to reduce energy use during these times to stay comfortable while keeping your energy costs down.

Many HVAC specialists use these trends not only from month to month but year to year as well.  They identify trends and changes over time that allow them to best understand the heating and cooling needs of customers in their area.  You can use this same set of information to increase your energy-efficiency without having to sacrifice comfort.

Degree days also come in handy when you are planning on installing a new HVAC system.  Taking a look at the degree days will give you an idea of how much heating and cooling ability will be required to properly keep your home comfortable.  This helps you get a properly sized unit that will work efficiently and help you stay comfortable all year round.  A improperly sized unit will create expensive long-term problems.

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