Common A/C Problems and How to Repair This SummerSummer is almost here, and with it comes the oppressive heat common to Northeast Ohio. Fortunately, your sturdy air conditioner (built to last 10 years or more) can help you manage that oppressive heat – but first, you have to make sure it’s up to speed.

Following are some common A/C problems, and ways to fix them:

  • Low refrigerant

If your air conditioner is lacking adequate refrigerant levels, the levels either weren’t properly established at during installation, or you’ve got a leakage problem. If your air conditioner leaks, you can’t simply add more refrigerant and expect to fix the problem. Get a trained technician to fix the leak, test to make sure that it holds, and then top refrigerant levels off to proper levels. The amount of refrigerant used should match your manufacturer’s recommendations exactly; if it doesn’t, you’ll still have this problem and your air conditioner won’t function properly.

  • Poor maintenance

Poor maintenance is another of the common A/C problems, and simply occurs when you neglect to perform basic maintenance for your A/C – specifically, clean air conditioning coils and filters regularly. If you don’t, you’ll make the fans and the compressor work harder, which could result in premature failure.

  • Problems with sensors

Room air conditioners have thermostat sensors behind their control panels. These sensors measure air temperature as it comes into the evaporator coil. If the sensor isn’t properly positioned, this could cause malfunction; it is among the very common A/C problems and may cause your air conditioner to function erratically or cycle constantly. The sensor should be near the coil but not touch it. You can adjust the sensor’s position by VERY carefully bending the wire that keeps it in place.

  • Poor drainage

Your condensate drain may be plugged and not draining properly; check to make sure it’s clear before firing the A/C up for summer. If you have room air conditioners, make sure they’re level so that they drain properly, as well.

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