Have you ever noticed how quickly you can cool off when there’s a breeze? Brisk air movement results in something called the wind chill effect. While this can create bitter temperatures during Northeast Ohio winters, it’s very useful for keeping cool in the summer. All you need to feel 4 degrees cooler is a ceiling fan set to high speed.

The knowledge that ceiling fans can simulate a drop in temperature by 4 degrees is incredibly useful if you are trying to cut back your energy bills this summer. After all, air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity while ceiling fans operating on low speed cost next to nothing, saving 3 to 5 percent for each degree you raise the temperature.

When installing new fans, make sure the ceiling is at least 8 feet tall. You’ll get the best air circulation if the ceiling fan is between 7 and 9 feet from the ground and 10 to 12 inches from the ceiling. Also make sure the blades stay at least 18 inches away from the wall.

The larger the fan, the greater the cooling that can be accomplished at a lower air velocity. This is important if you’re working with loose papers or other objects that could be disturbed by strong air movement. Larger fans spin slower, which can allow them to run more quietly as well.

For the greatest savings possible, look into ceiling fans that have earned the Energy Star label. These units consume 20 percent less electricity than standard fans, providing you with the most affordable way to raise the temperature on your thermostat while still keeping cool this summer.

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