While you may rely on your air conditioner throughout the summer months to keep your Cleveland area home feeling comfortable, you may not know a lot about how your system really works or the best ways to maintain it. By becoming more A/C savvy, your unit can last longer and experience fewer breakdowns, and your monthly energy costs can be reduced. Following are five points you should know about air conditioning your home.

Seal and Insulate Ducts to Promote an Efficient System

Cracks, gaps and holes in ductwork cause significant energy waste and make your cooling system less effective. You can seal accessible ducts yourself, but a pro may be required for other hard-to-reach areas. Ducts can also be insulated to help create a stronger thermal barrier.

Decrease A/C Use by Making Home Improvements

Along with sealing ducts, close leaks throughout your home’s envelope with caulking and weatherstripping. This will help preserve more of your conditioned air, saving you money every month on energy costs.

Insulating your roof can also make a big difference. When it’s time to upgrade your windows and roof, choose energy efficient products. Additionally, closing window coverings during the day is a no cost way to reduce A/C dependency.

Make Sure Your Home Is Adequately Ventilated

Air sealing is an energy smart thing to do, but it can result in air quality issues. To counter the effects of poor ventilation, a mechanical ventilation system should be used.

Change the Air Filter Every Month

The HVAC system’s air filter should be changed monthly, or as recommended by the manufacturer. When a filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, airflow is hindered. This not only makes it less comfy inside, but it also puts added strain on your system.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments With an HVAC Pro 

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends annual pre-season tune-ups by a professional to keep your system in peak condition.

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