Although many people do not realize it, in addition to cooling a space, an air conditioner also removes humidity from a room. Removing humidity assists in cooling a space because moist air retains more moisture than cool air.

So how, exactly, does an air conditioner’s size and capacity affect its ability to operate? Wouldn’t a larger air conditioner mean removing more humidity and providing more cool air, resulting in better temperature regulation?

Not so fast. A larger air conditioner may not be the best solution to cooling a space because it may not remove all the humidity in the room.

Air Conditioner Size and Humidity

A larger air conditioner will cool a room quickly, but will not necessarily remove all of the humidity in the area. Because a properly functioning A/C unit removes humidity while cooling a room, installing a larger-than-necessary A/C unit is counter productive: there is no point to cooling a room if the room will continue to be filled with heat-producing moisture.

Moreover, a too-large A/C unit uses more energy to operate simply due to its large size. This means that – if your A/C unit is too large – you’re paying more to run it without actually benefiting from its operation.

These two reasons make it essential to purchase and install an A/C unit that is suitable for the size of the space you are trying to cool. Only this will ensure that moisture is removed from the room and that the room is filled with the proper amount of cooled air, and only this will ensure that you are not wasting energy and paying higher energy bills as a result.

A properly sized A/C unit will remove humidity and cool a space effectively and the minimum amount of energy required for effective cooling. If you seek to install a new air conditioning unit before temperatures start heating up once again, contact Stack Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electric. The professionals at Stack will assist you in analyzing your cooling needs and selecting the right-sized air conditioning unit for the space.

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