As the summer approaches, you may have started to think about how you’re going to keep cool without spending too much money. Preventive air conditioner maintenance is a great way to make sure your air conditioner is operating at maximum efficiency and to catch any problems that might turn into thousand dollar repairs. Here are three can’t miss preventive air conditioner maintenance steps.

  1. Cleaning outside units. Even though your outdoor unit isn’t the part of your air conditioner that sends air flowing through your ducts, it still needs a good air flow to allow it to do its job. Summer grass clippings, fall leaves, and winter debris can all clog your outdoor unit. They also might restrict the movement or damage the fan blade. Either one of these things can greatly reduce your system’s efficiency or cause it to over heat. Consider hiring a contractor for a professional cleaning to avoid the risk of electrical shock or damaging your equipment.
  2. Changing filters. If you weren’t running your air conditioner much during the winter, you may have neglected its filter. However, winter is when your filter can be clogged the most due to a combination of less time leaving your windows open and more time spent inside. Be sure to get back on your regular filter replacement schedule before summer arrives.
  3. Checking drain lines. Your air conditioner is set up so that the condensation drains away without you having to think about it. However, over time these drain lines may become clogged with sludge. To ensure that condensate doesn’t back up into your furnace or air conditioner, be sure to clean your drain lines twice per year. This service is also usually included in preventive maintenance plans.

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