The summer months are upon us and your air conditioning is kicking on more often these days.  Do you worry about the strain on your unit?  Will running it constantly cause it to breakdown or worse, require the need for a whole new unit? 

You can reduce your A/C’s work load by doing a few simple things:

Click the Off Switch

People don’t realize just how much heat appliances, lighting fixtures, and uncovered windows bring in. Look around your house and decide what you can live without in the hot summer months. Common appliances that put out a lot of heat are:

  • Televisions, especially plasma TV’s.
  • Clothes dryers.
  • Dishwashers.
  • Washing machines using the hot water setting.
  • Hot water heaters.
  • Ovens and stove tops.
  • Lighting fixtures.
  • Windows without blinds.

Other ways to help reduce your A/C’s work load is to check for obvious air leaks. If you don’t have a storm door, having one installed can save precious heating and cooling energy through every season.

Shop Smart to Reduce A/C Workload

When you need a new roof, make sure to ask which roofing materials are going to be the most energy efficient for your home. The same thing goes for new windows. Make sure to purchase new appliances that have the Energy Star logo on them.

Nocturnal Cleaning Routine Saves Money

Wait until nighttime to run your appliances. Hang dry your clothes outside if possible and BBQ outdoors. This will help reduce your A/C’s work load and save you money.

Get a Tune-Up  

Your car isn’t the only thing you own that requires annual maintenance. If you want your air conditioning unit to do the best job it can, it needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will help the unit last longer, in addition it will minimize the A/C load and keep money in your pockets in the long run.

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