Signs Your A/C Is FailingNow that summer is upon us, many people are using their air conditioners full blast. However, if your A/C is failing, you may want to have your air conditioner replaced or repaired before the summer is over. Although calling a technician may be first on your list of things to do if your air conditioner isn’t working right, taking a look to see of there’s something you can do about it can save you both time and money.

Here are a few quick problems and how to troubleshoot them:

– Ices up. This is usually caused by poor air flow through the unit. Check to make sure the external vents are clear and that the inside filter is clean. Another possibility for this is low refrigerant or a bad compressor which will need to be checked by a technician.

– Noisy operation or inefficient cooling. If some rooms are hot and others cold or if you hear excessive noise, your duct system may be to blame. Having a tech come check for duct leakage and for duct capacity can save you money.

– Blows warm air only. If your A/C is failing to blow cold air, there could be several causes from a bad compressor (at worst) to being low on refrigerant. Having a technician come and check out your unit will be your next move.

– Age. If your A/C unit is more than eight years old, repairing the unit may not be the most economical solution. New units are more energy efficient which lowers cooling costs and improving your A/C capacity and checking your duct work will be a better use of your funds.

You rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer. If your A/C unit isn’t working right and you’ve taken all the basic steps to troubleshoot it, now is the time to call for help. For those in the Cleveland, Ohio area, calling Stack Heating & Cooling for repairs and as a part of a consistent air conditioner maintenance schedule can keep your home or office at the perfect temperature all year long.

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