What's That A/C Noise? Pay AttentionDo you have a noisy air conditioner in your Greater Cleveland area home? That A/C noise can have a ton of causes, none of which should be ignored. A/C noises are most often a sign of something that is either in the process of going wrong, or already has. Here are some of the most commonly heard A/C noises and their possible causes:

  • Rattling and harsh humming fans. Air conditioning fans must be kept clean and properly maintained to operate correctly. If you hear a rattling or harsh humming noise it may be indicative of a loose fan that needs cleaning. Open the A/C cabinet and inspect fan blades. You may be able to remove any visible debris on or near these fans. Tighten hub screws if loose, and gently straighten any blades that may have become bent.
  • Humming or grinding motors. Depending on the type of A/C you have installed, you may be able to fix a humming motor through lubrication. If your unit has an unsealed motor, you can apply SAE 10 oil in available oil ports. If not, contact an expert HVAC technician for lubrication advice.
  • Loose and rattling screws. Air conditioners tend to vibrate as the operate. This vibration can lead to the loosening of both mounting and interior unit screws. Both situations create a rattling A/C noise that can be fixed with a few turns of the screwdriver.
  • Humming coil fins. Like your unit’s fan, coil fins have a tendency to become clogged with debris and/or become bent. Handy homeowners can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clear out any dirt or built-up debris. In the case of a bent coil fin, there is a specific tool – the fin comb – engineered to straighten the equipment. If you aren’t skilled or don’t have this tool handy, contact your local HVAC technician.

While most of these steps are relatively easy for the homeowner to do, if you experience persist A/C problems, it’s time to call in the HVAC experts

If you have that persistent A/C noise, contact Greater Cleveland contractors Stack Heating & Cooling.

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