4 Steps of a Professional A/C InstallationSelecting the right brand of air conditioner for your home is important. So is determining how efficient you want your A/C to be. In addition, however, you should be concerned about your professional A/C installation. Without ensuring that sizing, ductwork, airflow and refrigerant charge are all properly considered, your new air conditioner won’t perform at its peak efficiency. 

Equipment Sizing

HVAC equipment should be sized according to Manuals J, D and S, industry software that, used together, can give an accurate assessment for heating and cooling load, ductwork and size of equipment, respectively. The HVAC consultant takes into consideration not only the square footage and shape of the home, but the number of persons who live in the home and their ages, windows and doors, ceiling height, air leakage rate, window orientations,  major home appliances, and the local climate. If your A/C is too large, it will short cycle, turning on and off and not dehumidifying your home properly, while wearing the components out unnecessarily. Equipment that’s too small will run continuously, running up bills and also wearing out components.


As mentioned, Manual D can help the HVAC system installer determine accurately what size and configuration of ductwork are best for the home. Additionally, ductwork should be airtight to prevent leaks and thermal loss and gain. This requires the sealing of segments with mastic sealant, metal screws and metal-backed tape.


The installer will determine the right amount of refrigerant to add to the system according to manufacturer’s specifications. If the refrigerant level is not high enough, the system won’t cool properly.


Airflow should be adjusted according the the manufacturer’s specifications. Airflow that’s too low won’t cool the home adequately. Further, airflow should be sufficient to ensure heat transfer and absorption of heat in the refrigerant as it passes through the evaporator coil. Otherwise, the home will not be cool enough.

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