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Solar and Geothermal

Greater Cleveland Solar and Geothermal Installation

solar-poweredSolar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are a proven technology that can reduce your utility costs and your energy consumption. Without compromising any convenience, you can enjoy water heated to the same temperature as that provided with conventional system but at a fraction of the cost. Adding a tankless hot water system ensures you’ll have a “green” hot water system year round and an investment that pays for itself in a few years.

Solar Energy Systems

A solar energy system, also known as a photovoltaic (PV) system cuts monthly utility costs by generating power on-site for your consumption.  Solar power is a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for improving the value of your home while reducing your carbon footprint. Ask us about the Lennox SunSource System for your heating and cooling needs!

Think energy efficiency.

Geothermal systems use technology known as ground source heat pumps to make the transfer of hot and cool air more efficient.

Because the system works with the relative temperature of the earth instead of the variable temperatures above ground, geothermal heating and cooling systems use 40-60% less energy than conventional systems.

Why Geothermal?

  • Deliver comfortably warm air on the coldest days
  • Low operating costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Clean
  • Environmentally friendly




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